At a Glance

At a Glance

Canvas Tetris
To start the game press Enter or click
Arrow keys: left/right.
Spacebar or r: rotate.
[ESC]: End game

    About me

    Over the years I acquired particular sets of skills-nightmare for bugs. With them I coordinate dev teams, plan & deliver reliable software at scale. I don't know who you are but if you work on cool stuff, reshape limits, reach out: I like to Impact bottom line, play nice & help others along the way - As Liam Neeson might say if he was into software development

    Curious & persistent, I particularly enjoy complex challenges requiring thinking outside the box. Good at getting the bigger picture, using soft skills, I find it fun to bring together stakeholders from multiple teams, facilitate cooperation & resolve conflicting timelines in typical SDLC engineering env. In my current job, I regularly coordinate deployments between 30+ teams, track deliverables & ensure things get done.

    Comfortable either in startup mode or operating in large corporation, I am PMP trained/Certified Scrum Master/Product Owner, Seasoned Software Dev. I worked on multiple large complex distributed systems & services from idea to finished/deployed/maintainable products, Scaling/optimizing as needed

    In short, bring it on: I like what I do & l get things done.


    • Leadership: Project Management (PMP)/Coordination/Integration/Timelines/Roadmaps
    • SDLC: Agile/Waterfall/CICD/Release Management/Devops
    • Architecture: distributed systems/Design patterns/SAAS/Multi Tenant/Resilient/Infrastructure as code
    • Scaling: Caching/Optimization/Reliability/Provisioning
    • Development: APIs/Classes/Algorithms/Processes/threads/Unit tests/ORM/MVC/Microservices/Frontend
    • Programming Languages: Python/PHP/Java/Javascript/C/Bash
    • Databases: MySQL/MongoDB/PostGres/Query optimization
    • Security: Sandboxes/Assess basic danger/mitigation/policies. At times, stopped live attacks
    • Virtualization&Containers: Cloud/AWS/Azure/KVM/ESXi/Docker/PCF/Vagrant/Mesos
    • Web apps: Restful Web Services/CMS/SEO/ i18n/E-Commerce/Angular/jquery/GraphQL
    • Linux: Redhat/Centos/Ubuntu/Debian/Custom ISOs
    • Servers: Deployment/Monitoring/Web Servers/Proxies/Email/DNS/DHCP/Firewalls