Pack one hundred items in a carryon

What do you do when you have to pack one hundred items in a carryon? I probably would have had difficulies to put a third of these items in!!

Holy macaroni... that's what I call packing

That was in, do you want to challenge it?

Yes, persistence is key to success, yes winning is awesome but not at all costs. Watch how Jack Sock gives a great lesson in sportsmanship... very classy and inspiring. His honesty is so unexpected that his opponent can't believe it.

Never underestimate element of surprise

Never underestimate the power of a soft play and/or suprise, even in the most competitive environment. This brilliant move from a football player allows him to walk straight through defense unhindered with some thinking outside the box and doing the unexpected

Shrikanth Bolla - Persistence Pays

People are awesome

Feeling pretty motivated with the video below.

Pick something impossible yet awesome, work hard, fail & repeat..until awesomeness become your way of life.

Happiness study

Cool Ted talk on the happiness Study - Talks about the importance of healthy relationships for happiness, health and sense of fulfillment