Predictions as of Dec 2009                          
  2010 2020 2030 2040 2050 2060 2070 2080 2090 2100 2110 2120 2130 2140
Peaks Religious Peak       Secular Peak Obj Print Coz       Religious Peak        
            Major ind crash       doom sayers        
Politics   Boom Sweden Renewable China Econ lead Domin Currency Peopl in china ask Corp buys 3rd Increased india Earth overheat crash Space govt     Colony indep
      Woman US Pres Switz Renewable Europe Renewable for more world country or delocalisation shades to planet resource fight        
        Space solar initiativ     Island   orbital          
    Copyright reform vid olympic comp "office anywhere" "food replicant" Autokill machines Enough energy First Trilllionaire       Indentured serv    
    Solar/ roof tops more pop than soc Retirement reform pleasure/dev drug friendly fire for all people         5yr passage    
      market correction   aneutronic fusion   with Hel 3 / dt fus              
      end of world cult Stock crash                    
      with asteroid arriv     ponzi scheme       Big con found        
Health   Artificial heart Growing teeth Artificial limbs New epidemy inpharma chip   Cryo Breakthrough   out of reality   Post mortem    
            like plasmids       syndrome   brain backup    
    Malaria Vaccine Aids cure Health monit chips grow parts                  
Space Virgin Galactic Skylon Microgene therapy Robotic base build Space factory Space Marinas Asteroid mines Clones? youth breakthrough Space city asteroid belt ex Space Eldorado Space pligrims  
    Air breath engine Space hotel HDLT better Moon base Space Baby Space stations x-sol probes sent   beg of space gov   like rush to america leave to other   
      HDLT Drive         Space cities Space ramp space elevator Mars Base   sys in stasis  
Transport First Electric cars All Electric cars Assisted drivng automated cars Highspeed road Maglev train Shared car     Transatlantic tunnel Transarctic Tunnel      
    Engine ringtone car intercom 1st vac transp hub     +compartment              
    part car charg solar                        
Tech OLED TVs Slow brain sim 2038 bug Basic brain SMS Brain outlook $$ Brain comm Full Brain interface recalled degree Brain store   FTL Comm Space elevator    
  GSM lasr proj headset replace tel 3d movies "telepathy" $$$   = less real talk =need time proc = need time proc Augmented brain "Brainia"        
    voip=main phone ads face incrust Translator plugin   Augm reality lens a fusion Synthetic reality multi brain instance mind travel        
    Terraherz radiation std tv obsolete object printer LCD Clothes clothes auto fit       rent-a-corpse        
    ingame tv pop inc interactive tv std   galactinet                  
Population 6.675 7.5 8 8.5 9.1 9.5 9.9 10 10.4 10.7 11.3 11.5 11.7  
%Africa 0.9         1.8                
%Europe 0.75         0.7                
%Amerik+Oceania 1         1.35                
%Asia 4         5                
PC Power                            
Std storage 200G 500G 1T 10T 40T 100T 200T 600T 1 Peta 10 Peta 50P 100P    
Std cores 2 8 16 32 64                  
Mob Bandwidth GPRS 10 Meg 100 meg 200 Meg                    
  IPV6   flexible eParchmin Turing test Pass 128bit PCs Quantum Biz Quantum Home Quantum            
        Flex Tablet End of desktop supercompute