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Part 25 - questions on and after november 1999

BallWood.gif (1119 octets) What Happened to parts 2...24 and 26...49

The decimal system is unfortunately very not flexible, and if you want to insert a new part, you are forced to renumber all subsequent parts to ensure referential integrity. Therefore, this FAQ is organised using the Extremely Reliable and Redundant Ordinal Ranking system (Patent Pending), or ERROR System for people in the know.

Rather than incrementing by one every time, I increment by 25... that way, when version 4.0 of the FAQ comes along, I can simply can put the most recent entries on top without being forced to renumber the rest of the document. You may ask... what happens when you have to add more than 24 parts to the original documents... that's a good question, but it is not a priority as the problem has not surfaced yet... by the time this happens, I will hopefully have come up with ERROR 2.0

BallWood.gif (1119 octets) Are the rumors of an Internet multimedia camels true?

Rumors have been going for years now, but according to an unofficial source at Microsoft which prefers to remain nameless, that Windows CE, a product designed to open new markets for Microsoft was originally designed to assist camel navigation, hence the CE (Camel Edition). As development progressed, Microsoft saw new applications for its navigation system and saw it could help people navigate on the Internet too, therefore the product was renamed Component Edition... but be not mistaken, it is only a marketing decision... you have to admit the number of clients using a camel is much more limited.

So when does the Microsoft Camel come out? That's a good question and if anyone has more information about it, please let me know. A good suggestion is to subscribe to Microsoft MSDN and as soon as the software is ready for release, you will receive it... please not that you will have to provide your own camel.

BallWood.gif (1119 octets) Are camels vulnerable to trojans and virus

As a general rule, plain food should not cause any harm. However, even though a camel's MIME (Mouth Ingestion Multipurpose Engine) is very versatile, it is strongly not recommended to give too unusual foods to a camel. That of course includes poisons but also plastics, clothes and others. If there is sufficient interest, I might put up a list of things not to give a camel.

Camels are not vulnerable to trojans as horses are a different specie, besides they operate on a different geographical region and therefore the problem should not arise. As camels from their height have a broad outlook, it has been suspected for a while that they were vulnerable to the Melissa/ Outlook Virus... But after further studies, it has been demonstrated there is no camel named melissa and they are only vulnerable to the LOL virus (Lasts Only a Lifetime) virus.

BallWood.gif (1119 octets) Are camels Y2K Compliant

Y2K compliance is very important these days and it is important to know if camels will be able to run safely only days before the millenium. We are proud to announce that tests have shown their internal clock will not be disturbed that particular day and since camels themselves don't store any dates at all, there won't be upgrade your camel any time soon, unless you want to add multimedia capabilities to your camel, in which case we might suggest you look further into the Microsoft Camel (see previous question)

BallWood.gif (1119 octets) What to do with a depressed camel living abroad?

Camels are so cute that sometimes you just can't resist bringing back one home with you. Of course it is hard to bring a camel back to where you live and negociating to get a camel onboard the airplane is not an easy thing, but it is well worth the trouble. Camels are lovely animals which bring about so original stories

The problem is, a camel was never designed to live in a big city, therefore it is vital to help the camel adapt to its new environment. The following rules will help you keep a healthy camel:

_ Camels need space, it is not recommended to let the camel sleep with you in your room
_ Put sand in a camel's room - He won't feel homesick as it will remind him of the desert
_ Get him on the internet, he'll be able to talk to other camels around the world


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