Crocodile 101

I may not know much about crocodiles, but I know that much... if you ever go out of a bar, drunk and you see a crocodile, DON'T try to pet it... and definitely don't try to sit on it :)... It would seem like an obvious course of action, but, this article, this is apparently what happened to a drunk tourist, which got bitten, field testing that idea.

After the man tried to sit on the crocodile, it bit the man's leg... luckily for him, all is well that ends well as the crocodile did not seem hungry. It inexplicably let the man go and just left. This shows that some people can be exceptions to Darwin's law... but he certainly deserves a darwin award.

Thank you for the brave man, making sure crocodiles have not evolved into nice sweet friendly vegetarian people like creatures with feelings.