the Dope Method

Dope - verb, to take something (generally a substance) to boost your capabilities.

The D. O. P. E. method is is my personal way to give substance to your life, get it to be more gratifying, obtain better results, get it to be more where you want it to be. Each letter of the word stands for one important word. I made it for myself but I know a coupl... e of people I told it to loved it... I thus share it for everyone's benefit.

D - Direction - Whatever you decide your life to be, you need to set goals for your life... know what you want, otherwise you eventually end up bored with life, not knowing what to do to improve things (sometimes thinking you are stonewalled)

O - Organization - Organize your time (you only have 168h per week and that includes time to sleep, to eat & go to the bathroom, it fills up very quickly if you are not careful, your stuff (desk & room), your mind (unresolved issues hurt you and prevent you from succeeding). Throw away extra stuff; make sure you define limits, plan & respect what you decided. Make things as efficient/ optimized as possible.

P - Persistence - We rarely obtain what we want on the first try. Many times we give up very close to reaching the goal... it is important to keep

E - Elegance - as mark twain puts it, some small details make all the difference... make sure you do things right, do things all the way. Also, have a little class in life, be nice, play nice (without letting people step on you). Finally elegance includes excellence... pick something where you want to shine and become the best in that field... at one point, when people are so good in their field (that includes activities such as finance, communication, engineering), you become a virtuozzo in your field and you gain recognition from others.