Fun things to do in Casablanca

Once in a while, I get asked what to do in Casablanca by an enterprising tourist. Because I was asked half a dozen times, I just kept adding to the answer. To anyone from Casablanca... I know, there are other places... This is by no means intended to be a complete answer, but it is a good start and beats no answer... feel free to add other places as comments.

Up to recently, nothing was done to make Casablanca other than a business center. Lately, this has been changing and many hotels have been built.. and a huge Marina is about to come live within 2 years.

Some touristic things to do:

  • La côte ain diab - with Tahiti beach as the trendy beach. However, other beaches are available, including Dar Bouazza 15 minutes away from Casablanca (but you need a car)
  • Café at "Sqala" - the old fortification of casablanca... have among other a selection of moroccan pastries dishes
  • restaurant al mouniaexpensive but good moroccan restaurant
  • Habbous - like a mini medina with bazars with moroccan crafts.

However, you'll probably want to eat... so here are some restaurants:

  • churrascaria - brazilian
  • Kiotori, Kaiten, Kaizen, Kaiten - Sushi places
  • Hipopotamus, Relais de paris - meat
  • aux crevettes - a fish restaurant offering a view on the sea
  • Four a bois, Luigi - italian
  • Rick's Cafe is a nice restaurant with good food and a nice interior based on the movie. However, please keep in mind it was created after 2000 ... so it is definitely not a historical place.

At night, you might try these places to party:

  • from 8 - 1 : Bodega (spanish pub/restaurant/dance),
  • Etoile du plazza (if you want a moroccan gnawa band),
  • Churrascaria (brazilian restaurant with a band),
  • after 12:30 - Amstrong (live band, my favorite place), choc'late (club/dance)