Keep a backup offline

According to an article I just read, the number of ransomware attacks has been multiplied 500 percent in the last year.

This brings about a significant interesting change in backup strategies: because ransomware tends to silently encrypt data gradually then erasing it at once, it is becoming important to keep an offline version of your backups that stays offline a bit longer.

With growing storage capacities and the ease of connected USB drives, I have seen many places have a backup strategy to keep multiple copies on multiple drives attached to the same computer. While this does indeed make it easier to automate backups, it also makes it easier to accidentally lose all data should a malicious software wipe out all backups at once.

Online backup definitely can help in the case of accidental deletion of a file but keeping a copy of your data that is a month old offline will allow to recover at least some of the files in case of either a ransomware or corrupted data.

In addition, every once in a while, backups should be restored and tested because if you are backing up corrupt data for multiple years, you end up with not only corrupt backup data but your efforts are useless too