New Year resolutions

Time for new year resolutions :)


  • 30 mega pixels with 12x optical zoom... get a sharper image about the world I live in 
  • 1920x1600 widescreen ... work on my weight by making things smaller (not my brain obviously)
  • = localhost (dns resolution) ... unleash the geek in me
  • 365 dpi (365 days per iteration or dpy days per year if that makes you mor...e happy)
  • resolution of world peace... haha, yeah right :)
  • reese-solution - buy a box of reese chocolate
  • brie-solution - buy some brie, yummy :)
  • grease-solution ... clean things up in my life :)
  • re-solution - copy paste my last year's resolution... at least I'll sound I know what I am doing