On Being a green Hulk

Feeling like hulk after moving 3 closets alone (obviously big ones lol) including one down a flight of stairs :)... so far not turning green yet. I hear it's not easy being green :)... whether it is on a point of view of color, or ecologically... but I digress :)... but I guess some curves like that.


Anyway, it's good exercise and I should do that ...more often. Though to be fair, I do exercise regularely... oh, about once every 6 months... sometimes, I even double that frequency when I'm on a roll. Though the only rolls I've had my eyes on lately are spring rolls... maybe it's because we are in spring? nah, I like food too much.


I really don't understand why to be refined you have to eat in small quantities. I say this is bull... you can enjoy good food in quantity. Don't you hate when you go to a fancy restaurant, with an expensive dish to find out, they have a pea size treat with artfully presented sauce... seriously, charge anything you want, but at least fill in the dish so I can get vitamin F (that would be F, as in food... don't you get me wrong now... the other one would be vitamin S :) )


I should get a real blog... some day :)


anyway, back to work (well at least I'm gonna try :)