On synthetic diamonds gaining ground

Just read an article on how De Beers feels synthetic diamonds are an increasing threat. Synthetic diamonds are gaining popularity and I think it is a good thing

Here are a couple reasons why:

  • For one, the synthetic diamonds are of higher quality. Because they are grown in the lab, they lack imperfection. This means they can be grown to any shape or size, they are stronger, and we may even improve their quality in the future
  • They are also cheaper to produce. This means more people will be able to afford better rings and they are able to get diamonds that match their liking. D
  • Less damage is made to the environment - when you mine diamonds in a large scale, you have to dig the earth... this damages the environment
  • Less Blood diamonds - a lot of the regions where diamonds are mined come from conflict regions where a lot of people die, are mistreated or exploited and are given very low wages for a very dangerous job.
If you can get a better diamond, with a higher quality, cheaper, with less people killed or exploited, it is definitely a good thing