Ten ways that could be hurting your success

  1. Not improving - Be the best you can be. The biggest obstacle to getting ahead will be yourself. Whatever your field is, you should strive to constantly improve, become a better version of yourself and acquire the skills that help you get to the next level. This applies whether you are at the bottom of the hierachy... all the way to CEO.
  2. Doing the minimum - Do the best you can do. It can be tempting to do the minimum, do exactly what you are told but one way to get ahead is think one step further... If there is one thing that can make you work smarter, do it. If you can get better results by going the extra mile, make it happen. If your current boss/company does not see any added value, someone else will.
  3. Wanting to do too much - Avoid waste. This may seem to contradict the previous item but it is very different. There are times when doing too much is wasting precious resources and it won't make a difference. For example, if all your electric needs are covered by one solar panel, installing 20 is a waste of resources, especially if you have no way of storing the extra energy. Also, if you are approaching a task that is too complex, you are more likely to procrastinate
  4. Not planning - Think ahead. One common reason I have seen to forego planning is because you get less flexibility in your life. Arguably, you get more flexibility in doing what you want if you plan ahead of time. Even if at the last minute, you decide you want to change plans you have the option to do so. However, there are times, when under pressure, it is difficult to see the road ahead. Having a roadmap helps you optimize your efforts, be more confident in getting to where you want to go.
  5. Complaining too much - We all have met that person who keeps complaining no matter what happens. Even assuming they win the lottery, they are going to whine that their whole previous life is ruined... don't be that person. As the saying goes, it is to be an optimist and be wrong than pessimistic and be right" ... it does not change the events but you can certainly change the way you react to them.
  6. Blaming others - If you screw up, own it and find ways to improve. There is a joke that goes a guy is driving on 495 and hears on the radio "We interrupt this broadcast to warn everyone there is a madman going in the wrong direction"... the guy turns off the radio and shrugs, "pff, they are all going in the wrong direction." There are times where you will need to open your eyes and do a reality check.
  7. Have confidence in yourself - Again, this might seem like the opposite of the previous bullet point... but it is different: You need a healthy dose of self esteem, enough willpower to conquer obstacles and persist until you get through the difficult parts. The first person who hired Elvis for a concert told him he would never break through... the same goes for the Beatles, Michael Jordan, and countless others. Walt Disney was even fired for a lack of imagination. Be confident in yourself, your capabilities and show people what you are really worth
  8. Not asking for help - Swallow your pride and reach out if necessary. We all want to look good in front of others, we all want others to only see us succeed but failure is part of success. It is ok not to know something and many times, the others who have had the same problems before you will be happy to share their experience, help you avoid their mistakes. Even if you are on the right track, you may actually get to where you want to be faster.
  9. Have no empathy - We've all heard it at least once, "nice people finish last" and though there is such a thing as being too nice if you let people step on you, that does not mean that you have to be ruthless to get ahead. As a matter of fact, there is a study by google that the teams are the ones where people being nice and feel safe. Be kind to one another... if not to help others, at least to help yourself. Empower others and zest greatness... it feels good to spread positive vibes.
  10. Think big - No matter how low you are, no matter what obstacles, no matter how difficult things are... Think big, aim for the moon... who knows, you may reach it. Even if you don't, all the changes that you will have to undergo to get there will undubitably make you a better person. Even if you reach your goal only partially, it can still be a succes