Windows 7 and windows 8.1 not for sale anymore

It's official, no more new installs of windows 7 and 8.1... or at least no more new licenses for OEMS. Windows 7 is dead, long live windows 10 (well at least at least until the next version comes.

Maybe next version version of windows will combine windows 7 and windows 11... and will do a bit of everything so that they can call it windows seven eleven... with a little luck, it will come with an orange red green logo with a big 7... and before anyone says, no this won't happen, I would like to remind everyone there was a windows 3.11... Bizarrely there was no windows 3.14 ... but I digress... or does pi converge.... somebody good with math help me :p.

Maybe it's time to move on from windows to something else, like "doors"... opening a new perception or paradigm to computing... some sort of singularity... wait, that name is already taken... never mind.